Teaching is difficult, time-consuming, emotionally draining, and physically tiring.  The child care industry is stressful. On a daily basis we nurture and teach children who are of differing ages and abilities, and pour our heart into educating them. It’s exhausting, and certainly results in burnout, a condition that we try to avoid but often succumb too. What if we didn’t have too? What if we could prevent burnout?

Burnout as defined by Herbert J Freuedenberg (famous Psychologist specializing in burnout) is “a state of fatigue and frustration brought on by devotion to a cause, way of life, or relationship that failed to produce expected rewards.”  In other words, burnout is due to being emotionally spent because of one’s commitment to something. Lawyers may become burned out after a difficult case they had been working for months on, and were deeply emotionally invested.  A husband might be burned out after emotionally investing in their wife, while not receiving that investment back. Burnout can affect any area of one’s life, and any profession.

What can trigger burnout?

  • pro-longed lack of sleep
  • working 40+ hours for a pro-longed period of time
  • lack of attention from of management
  • lack of personal support from colleagues
  • tense relationships with colleagues or bosses

What are the short-term and long-term effects of burnout?

Burnout.PNGInforgraphic source: bestmedicaldegrees.com

What are the symptoms of work-related burnout? (source: mindtool.com)

  • negative and critical attitude at work consistently
  • dread going to work
  • low energy and low work interest
  • feelings of emptiness
  • easily irritated
  • emotionally distant
  • feeling your contributions go unnoticed
  • ongoing sadness while at work

Is burnout an individual phenomenon, or does it affect teams too?

Burnout can in-fact affect both teams and individuals.  Burnout manifests itself in teams much in the same way it does in individuals.  Make sure to be on the lookout for some indicators that your team or a team member may be experiencing burnout (see infographic below).BurnoutInfographic Source: projectmanager.com

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